On the morning of 11

15:45:15 2018年06月12号  | WUXIAN

On the morning of 11, the news of the ofo fund's emergency came again. According to the news, ofo may have more than $10 billion to embezzle the user deposit, leaving only about 3 billion 500 million of the deposit balance and 1 billion 500 million of the arrears. Subsequently, ofo urgently refuted rumors, insisting that no deposit was moved.

Ofo insiders told the Beijing Commercial Daily reporter, "the specific amount of the deposit balance is not known, but it must be more than 3 billion 500 million yuan."

In June, many media concerned about the small yellow car again encountered funds emergency, misappropriation of deposits and substantial layoffs. In response, ofo public relations gave a response to "this is organized and planned centralization of smear". However, according to the media's repeated revelations, "ofo has issued a lawyer's letter to the relevant media".